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As the venue is the University of Málaga (Facultad de Filosofía y Letras-Campus de Teatinos), we recommend you to stay at the city centre and enjoy a little bit of Málaga’s cultural offer and take the bus or the underground to get to the venue. To get to the event, you can take the bus lines numbers 11 or 8 (in Alameda Principal) or the subway (L1) if you are staying near the train station. You can check the bus stops at http://www.emtmalaga.es/emt-classic/home.html or using Google Maps. 

Bear in mind that the following recommendations are low-budget options, but there are many more hotels in Málaga as you can see here: https://www.booking.com. However, we recommend you book your rooms as soon as possible, as Málaga is quite busy in the summer season. 

Near the train station: 

Near the city centre: 

In the city centre: 

Flat rentals

Check the following sites for a wide variety of flat rentals in Málaga: