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In this space you can ask questions, share your research interests, create academic alliances, announce coming events, etc.

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Hi there!

Hi there!

My name is Juanjo and I'm treasurer in ASYRAS executive board. Welcome to the ASYRAS forum!


I am Almudena, vice-president of ASYRAS, and it's a pleasure to start this new adventure with you all. Hope to read you comments and learn from your research fields!

Best wishes,


Hello there! I am Sergio, president of ASYRAS. I am really looking forward to hearing about you! I hope this forum helps everyone get in contact with each other and share their research, questions and doubts!

Best wishes,


Hello everybody!

I'm Rocío Riestra Camacho, co-secretary of ASYRAS. Looking forward to your comments!



Hi, everyone!
I'm Magdalena, a member of the ASYRAS executive board. I am looking forward to reading about your academic experiences. I hope this forum becomes a meeting point for research and academic support!

Best wishes to all,


Hello everyone!

I am Teresa, I'm also a member of the ASYRAS executive board. I hope to hear from all of you and that this forum helps us keep in contact and share our ideas on our research!

Best wishes,



Hi there,

My name is Amaia Soroa Bacaicoa and I'm a PhD student and a member of ASYRAS. I'm working on mental health in contemporary Latina literature.

Hope we can share some interesting experiences and resources!!