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Hi everyone! I thought it would be interesting if we all shared the resources we mainly use when we can't find books/articles/papers in the library. In my case, I rely on two options:

  1. Library Genesis (gen.lib.rus.ec)  -- This is a webpage where you can download books in a PDF format!
  2. Sci-Hub's Telegram Bot (@scihubot) -- Create a Telegram account in case you don't have one, and simply search for @scihubot. It's a bot, so just you have to start a conversation with it, send the DOI of the paper you want to have access to and it will reply with the PDF file. Amazing, isn't it?

Thank you, Maria!!

Hi, @mggamez! Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂  I am so curious about that Telegram bot...

The link I used to find eveyrthing in Library Genesis stopped working today. I found this link useful, because they update the different links of Library Genesis everytime one is down:  I hope it helps.