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…ðætte eal sio gioguð þe nu is on Angel kynne friora monna […]

sien to leornunga oðfæste

“…that all the youth now in England of free people […]

be set to learn”

King Ælfred

It has been more than a year since the publication of the first volume of GAUDEAMUS, the Journal of the Association of Young Researchers on Anglophone Studies (ASYRAS). GAUDEAMUS was born in complicated times, defined by a social distancing which affected academic life considerably. Volume 2 of GAUDEAMUS appears now in a moment in which interpersonal relations are slowly returning to their regular status. Conferences, workshops and seminars are steadily abandoning their online domains to finally take place in their corresponding academic venues, where scholars can at last exchange ideas in person. 

            This volume is proof that, despite the difficulties, young scholars were able to find the way to keep reading, researching and writing, and made use of all the ways at their disposal to ensure they were not denied the essential academic discussion. For this we cannot but thank them, since GAUDEAMUS would not exist without their effort. 

            It is now a time for optimism in the field of English studies. GAUDEAMUS has been a witness of the interdisciplinarity of that field, with the richest array of approaches, theories and points of view filling its pages. Little did King Alfred know, when he set to make English the vehicle for knowledge, of the versatility that it would acquire. From the most relevant social issues to the latest revisions of classic texts, from ecological approaches to the most advanced techniques for linguistic investigation, English aims to serve in the present day as the channel for advancement of society, with our young researchers providing new ways for it every day. 

            We hope the reader finds in the following pages a faithful representation of that spirit, and that the texts included within them help expand the spark of curiosity for the new generations of English scholars.

Sergio López Martínez

President of ASYRAS and Co-Editor of Gaudeamus

Table of Contents

Credits (pp. 1-4)

Foreword (pp. 5-6)


Sofía Alférez Mendia

Telecollaborative Exchanges and Higher Education: Negotiation of Meaning in Interactions between Spanish and Japanese Students (pp. 53-79)

Patricia Guill-Garcia

Language and Performativity: An Exploration of Gender and Racial Identities in T. Kingfisher’s Swordheart

Beatriz Hermida Ramos

Heteronormative Technology: Jeanette Winterson’s Outlook for Progress

Claudia Martori


Bionotes of contributors (pp. 157-159)

Editorial policy and author guidelines (pp. 161-166)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.