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As the venue will be the University of Salamanca’s Facultad de Filología, located in the majestic Plaza de Anaya just in front of the Cathedral, we recommend that you find a place to stay near or within the historic centre so as to better enjoy Salamanca’s cultural offer and social life. Accommodation in the historic centre tends to be more expensive and more in demand (and you should try to book as early as possible), although it has the advantage that you would be able to walk to the venue and to the most significant sites in town. However, even if the prices are generally higher in the centre, there are still some affordable options within or near it. 

Accommodation elsewhere in town would be less in demand and cheaper, and you could be near the bus station or the train station if you prefer. However, if you’re staying in the outer parts of the town, on the days of the event, you might have to take a bus to get to the historic centre (preferably stopping at Calle San Pablo or at Paseo del Rector Esperabé, as from those places it would only be a 5- or 10-minute walk to the venue). You can check possible itineraries with Google Maps or at http://salamancadetransportes.com/uploads/files/PLANO_ST_WEB_1-6-2023_1686129435.pdf 

Hotel and flat rentals

Check the following sites for a wide variety of hotel and flat rentals in Salamanca: