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Gaudeamus igitur,

Iuvenes dum sumus.

“Let us rejoice, therefore,

While we are young.

– Academic Song

GAUDEAMUS, the Journal of the Association of Young Researchers on Anglophone Studies (ASYRAS), is the culmination of the Association’s work. Since its foundation twelve years ago, the publication of a journal had been a pending task in order to fulfil its goal as a means to promote the work of young scholars in English Studies. We are now happy to present this Volume 0, hopefully the first of many to come. GAUDEAMUS is named after the academic song and university anthem, Gaudeamus Igitur, representing the will of young postgraduate students to enjoy their first steps in academia while they start making a difference in a growingly demanding academic world. We are aware of how challenging the beginning of the academic career can be, just as challenging as seeing one’s early work published. That is why GAUDEAMUS appears as a journal where our young scholars can submit their work, helping them to get acquainted with the relevant process while maintaining the higher standards.

Numerous thanks are in order. First, to the authors whose overwhelming response made the publication of this volume possible. Not only did we receive enough material to begin this project, but we even decided to launch it as a semi-annual journal, reserving some of the proposals for the upcoming Volume 1. The quality of the manuscripts was outstanding, demonstrating the exceptional depth of the research carried out by our young scholars. We hope that they have learned and grown after experiencing the revising and publishing process, which is ultimately meant to highlight our best accomplishments and to improve and correct our possible mistakes. 

We cannot forget about the Editorial Team and their selfless effort. As soon as this project started, they tirelessly started working to make it a reality, providing valuable ideas and diligently carrying out their duties so that we could see this journal published in good time and in an appropriate manner. We must also thank both the members of the current Executive Board of ASYRAS and those of the previous one, with Sara, our former President, providing the starting push for this journal. Finally, we need to thank the members of our Scientific Committee, who kindly agreed to be of assistance in the revision of the original manuscripts, belonging to the different areas of English Studies. 

We are humbled by the successful publishing of GAUDEAMUS, and we hope to be of help in the dissemination of knowledge and research. Once again, thank you.

Sergio López Martínez

President of ASYRAS and Co-Editor of Gaudeamus

Table of Contents

Credits (pp. 1-4)

Foreword (pp. 5-6)


Beatriz Hermida Ramos

From Morpheme to Pronoun: The Development of the Separated Genitive in the Early Modern English Period (pp. 47-66)

Lara López Lueje

The Alternative –Our Vs. –Or in the Outer Varieties of English Worldwide (pp. 67-85)

Marta Pacheco-Franco

Conflicting Female Identities in Old Age: The Representation of Older Women in David Lindsay-Abaire’s Ripcord (pp. 87-105)

Inesa Shevchenko


Bionotes of contributors (pp. 147-149)

Editorial policy and author guidelines (pp. 151-156)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.